APPIE Computational Granular Mechanics AwardFebruary 1, 2024

The Modeling and Simulation Division (M&S) is dedicated to addressing a wide range of challenges within the powder industries. Starting in 2024, we are excited to introduce the APPIE Computational Granular Mechanics Award, an initiative aimed at recognizing the outstanding contributions of researchers and engineers in advancing powder simulation technology and its industrial applications. To be considered for this prestigious award, interested individuals must submit the required supporting documents to the M&S secretariat. Our distinguished Award Committee Members will rigorously evaluate the submissions, and the final decision will rest with the M&S organizers. The selected award recipient will get a silver medal provided by M&S. Besides, the recipient will have the honor of attending the award ceremony, which is scheduled to take place during either the POWTEX or SPTJ hosting events. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate your achievements and network with like-minded professionals in the field. We encourage all eligible candidates to apply and look forward to acknowledging and honoring the remarkable work done in the realm of computational granular mechanics. Your contributions play a crucial role in shaping the future of powder industries.

The applications for APPIE Computational Granular Mechanics Award 2024 have closed

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APPIE Computational Granular Mechanics Award